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PBB8102 - 8x10 Clamshell Box

Your Price: $24.15
2" Depth 8x10 Black Clamshell Portfolio Box w/black lining
PBB8102 - 8x10 Clamshell Box

ACS-1620 16x20 Corrugated Sheets

Your Price: $61.95
Acid-free and lignin-free, 25 per pack
ACS-1620  16x20 Corrugated Sheets

CP 120-3HB Negative Pages package of 25)

Your Price: $13.25
CONTACT PROOFING PRESERVER. Holds fifteen frames of 6x4.5cm, twelve frames of 6x6cm, or nine frames of 6x7cm 120 film, and one 8"x10" contact print.
CP 120-3HB Negative Pages package of 25)
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